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Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows

Aftercare is the most important part of this process, you need to follow these instructions step by step to ensure the best healed result of your brows.


For the next 4-6 weeks, your brows will be going through the healing process. The first 2 weeks is VITAL and is when majority of the healing phase happens. After your first appointment, your brows will feel bold and dark, this is completely normal and we recommend you wear make-up around the brows to help soften the intensity.


Initially you will need to purchase fragrance free baby wipes and Vaseline, nothing else is to touch your brows for the next 2 weeks! 


Typically around day 2-3 your brows will begin to scab, this will be dead flaking skin coming off the brow, you may also notice brow hairs occasionally fall out, at this point you will need to stop using the baby wipes, rest assured this is completely normal and is apart of the bodies natural healing process. Once your brows have completely scabbed over (roughly day 3-4), you can expect them to look like a solid dark block of colour. This can come as a shock when chunks of this scab begin to flake off as the skin under the brow can look extremely light in colour. This is because the skin underneath is shedding the dead skin cells and can give a frosted effect to the freshly tattooed brow underneath. Once this scabbing phase has completed, you can expect to see full colour results 2-3 weeks after. Don't be concerned about your brows if the colour is very light once healed, this is completely normal. Your 6 week touch up appointment will be booked for you by Abbey after your appointment. Your touch up session is vital for enhancing the initial tattoo. Cosmetic Tattooing is a two step process so your touch up appointment is absolutely necessary to achieve your final result, some clients may need a third touch up appointment to achieve desired results, this is completely normal.

There are 4 factors to take in to account that will effect the final results of how your brows heal, the first factor is the initial treatment, though this seems like the most important factor, Abbey can only do so much to ensure your brows heal to a desirable result. The second factor is skin type, every person has different skin type whether that be dry, oily, combination, normal, thick or thin skin, these differences will impact your healing results, oily skin tends to push the pigment out faster. The third factor is lifestyle, are you an active person? Are you in the sun often? Do you swim a lot? These are all factors that will hinder results, we suggest you wear SPF daily on your face including your brows, sweating often also causes your tattoo to fade quicker - we realise this can be unavoidable for some people however this will be a contributing factor. The fourth factor is any medications/health conditions you may have. 

We recommend you do not do any of the following;


  • Carry out any activity that may cause excessive sweating e.g Gym, cardio, etc.

  • Do not get your brows wet for the first week with water and NO swimming for 2 weeks.

  • Keep the tattooed area dry for the first week, the only moisture that is needed is Vaseline and wet wipes. Do not use any face cleansers, makeup removers or eyebrow products on the tattooed area during this time.

  • Exposing yourself to sun or UV rays on the tattooed area is a big no.





  1. You need to wipe your brows with wet wipes every 15 minutes for the first hour. Once the first hour is up you should have wiped your brows 4 times and you will need to apply a thin layer of Vaseline. For the rest of the day, you will need to wipe and apply Vaseline hourly. To apply the Vaseline, you will need a cotton tip with Vaseline on one end, apply the Vaseline across the brow and use the clean end of the cotton tip to wipe the excess vaseline off, leaving a thin layer.

  2. Before you go to bed, you will need to place a strip of glad wrap over the brows to hold the Vaseline in place for the first night while you sleep. You must apply a thick layer of Vaseline to ensure your brows stay moist all night. You do not want them to dry out!

  3. The following day after treatment, you will need to wipe the area with baby wipes whilst applying Vaseline 4 times per day for the next 2 weeks. Makeup can be worn around the area (and is suggested to help take your attention off the boldness of your brows if needed) but NOT on the tattoo. Remember no products are to touch the eyebrows for the next 2 weeks. This includes brow products!

  4. After a couple of days when you feel them start to get hard/beginning to scab, you need to stop using the baby wipes as you may pull the pigment out of the brows. This is when you’ll only need to apply the Vaseline 4 times per day.

  5. After the 2 weeks, you will only need to apply the Vaseline to the area every morning for the remaining 4 weeks of the healing process. Your brows will take a full 6 weeks to heal, so even though it may feel like your cosmetic tattoo is healed, DO NOT stop the aftercare. Remember you need to ensure the best healing for your brows to be prepped for your follow up appointment.


It is important to remember that every person heals differently, in some rare cases skin will not accept the pigment and your brow tattoo won't hold. We cannot guarantee the healing results for any client, this is a potential risk that is taken on by the client when accepting to have the treatment done. If your brows fade or blur quickly, this is a result of your skin type and lifestyle, not the technician or technique used. It is also important to remember that Cosmetic Tattooing is low maintenance not NO maintenance, this means if you have lighter brow hairs to the colour chosen for your tattoo, you will still need to tint your brows. You will also need to continue to shape your brows with wax/tweezing after the treatment to maintain the shape of the tattooed brow, though this is made easy with the guide of the tattoo. Note that the purpose of a brow tattoo is to leave a nice tint behind the brow, the depth of colour you leave with on the day of your appointment is not a realistic result and we will never be able to achieve that level of colour permanently.

As yearly maintenance for your skin to heal, we recommend purchasing Bio Oil from the supermarket or pharmacy. This can be used one night per week on your brows until you return for your Colour Boost 12-18 Months later. This helps to renew your skin cells to prevent any scar tissue and you can start this 1 month after your follow up appointment.

Please remember to apply your emla numbing cream 1 hour before your touch up appointment also. 

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