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Plasma Pen UK

Want to get on board with one of the latest non-surgical skin tightening treatments? Plasma Pen is exactly what you've been looking for, from rejuvenating, tightening and restoring your skin, this is the one stop shop facial treatment that you will not regret. Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a revolutionary soft rejuvenating technique that instantly tightens your skin, say goodbye to saggy eyelids, under eyes, smokers lines and all other fine lines & wrinkles on the face, with 1-3 treatments that last for years to come. No more 6 weekly facial appointments!

Plasma is formed through the ionization of atmospheric gasses, stimulating instantaneous contraction and tightening of skin fibers and collagen production during treatment with consistent results every single time.

You can view our treatment prices below, you can book a free Consultation with us to ensure you're the right candidate for this treatment, discuss areas of concerns you may have and obtain an accurate idea of pricing for your treatment.

Feme Brows is the only fully qualified Plasma Pen Elite Technician in the Manawatu so be prepared this is going to be one treatment you do not want to miss out on! Follow our socials to stay up to date with recent before and afters!


Plasma Pen - Also known as Fibroblasting involves the art of reactivating the fibroblast production process within the skin allowing for more smoother and lifted skin. 

Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in the body and they are the only ones that can make Type 3 Collagen. Type 3 collagen helps to minimise fine lines, wrinkles and improves the elasticity, suppleness and hydration of our skin.

A series of 'dots' are placed in the targeted area of the skin creating an instant pull in the skin, as a result of these 'dots' also known as Carbon Crusts, creates an instant lift and tighten within the skin. The Carbon Crusts will last between 3-7 days on the skin. 


Though your results will be immediate, your skin will continue to improve for 3-6 months post treatment due to the increased production in collagen.

Plasma Pen, Under eye tightening, skin tightening, crows feet, Plastic surgery
Plasma Pen, Under eye tightening, skin tightening, crows feet, Plastic surgery


We can treat your entire face with our Fibroblasting technique however we can certainly target specific areas of the face as below:


Upper Facial treatments include Forehead Worry lines, Upper Eyelids, Lower Eyelids and Crow's Feet.

Lower Facial treatments include Lipstick Lines (Smokers Lines), Mouth Corners, Chin Augmentation, Smile Lines and Jawline Augmentation.


For many, PlasmaPen is virtually a pain-free treatment and is often described as merely tingly. We see many clients fall asleep during their procedure. However, the treatment may be moderately uncomfortable depending on you and where you are being treated. Eyelid procedures (where the skin is at its thinnest) can be more painful for some people but our device, plasma delivery, and super-fine probes allow our technicians to work very quickly and efficiently and this minimizes potential discomfort for you by design.

Plasma Pen, Under eye tightening, skin tightening, crows feet, Plastic surgery


On average, most new single PlasmaPen treatments are priced at around $500 per area per treatment and this would be for areas like the upper or lower eyelids (non-surgical blepharoplasty – the equivalent price for an invasive cosmetic surgery procedure of that nature which will likely give the exact same results is $9,000 to $11,000 so price is relative). If more than one area is being treated, pricing will be updated accordingly however your technician will be able to discuss this with you during your consultation.


More complex and more time-consuming procedures, such as a full face-lift, a neck or a forehead lift, or a jawline augmentation will likely be priced significantly higher as there is a great deal more time and work required.


Often only one but it will depend on your personal expectations, the area being treated, your age, the condition and type of your skin, and many other factors.

Each and every client is different and your treatment plan will always be bespoke. In our experience, some clients may require 2 or more treatments to achieve optimal results, especially for some procedures and skin conditions. 


PlasmaPen delivers exceptionally long-lasting results however about three years is normal. Once the skin is tightened then it is actually permanent. However, your skin will still continue to age and this will happen at different rates based on genetics, lifestyle choices so although we suggest treatment results will last for around 3 years, some clients will experience longer-lasting results than others.

If, for example, we treat your smokers’ lines and you then continue to smoke then results may possibly not be as long-lasting compared to if you had stopped. If we make your eyelid hoods or bags disappear then that is also a permanent effect although, of course, they could potentially grow back in years to come.

Full Forehead Lift (incl Frowns)

Brow Lift

Frown Lines

Upper Eye Lift

Lower Eye

Crows Feet

Upper & Lower Eyes + Crows Feet

Nasolabial Folds


Upper & Lower Lip Lines

Jawline/Jowl Tightening

Lower Eyes + Midface + Jowl Lift

Chin Lift

Age Spot/Skin Tag/Lesion Removal/ Milia Removal

Resurfacing Treatment

(Can be done over a course of
5 treatments 2-4 weeks apart)

2 Hours

1Hour 15Min

45 Min

1Hour 30Min

1Hour 30Min

1Hour 15Min

2Hour 30Min

1 Hour

1 Hour

1Hour 30Min

2 Hour

2Hour 30Min

1Hour 30Min

1 Hour
















From $175


Treatment Prices

All Plasma Pen treatments require a free no obligation consultation before any treatments are booked for you.

This is to ensure you are able to have this treatment, discuss any areas of concern where you wish to have the treatment done and allows us to give you an accurate price for the treatment.

You can book a consultation with us below.

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