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Cosmetic Tattoo Lips

At Feme Brows our cosmetic tattoo artist Abbey has trained with the award winning Cherie Ayrton from Feather Touch, Lower Hutt in 2021. With a strive for perfection in everything she does, Abbey creates custom lips best suited to your natural lip shape and with your lip goals in mind.


Cosmetic tattoo lip treatments are a two part process with your first appointment taking around 3 hours and your touch up appointment taking 1hour 30minutes.


This treatment is great for giving a gloss and go effect, allowing you to be ready much faster in the morning and not having to worry about your lip colour throughout the day. Just apply your favourite chapstick and you’ve got the perfect colour to go!


As woman, we tend to lose the border of our lip line as time passes. This treatment gives your lips a natural looking enhancement, allowing the lips to appear fuller due to filling in your lip border and bringing the lips back to life, without the need for injectables, though injectables are still recommended if you are wanting to achieve a much fuller look.


Your touch up appointment is very important and is required to be completed as a part of your initial tattoo. This second appointment allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your tattoo whether that be adjustment of shape or depth of colour. Touch up appointments are completed 8-10 weeks after your initial treatment and will be booked for you by Abbey after your initial lip tattoo session. The cost of your touch up is an additional $150 and can be paid at the time of second appointment.


A colour boost treatment is recommended every 2-6 years depending on the depth of colour from the initial treatment. 2 yearly colour boosts are recommended for clients who are wanting to achieve and maintain a bolder look.

Lip Treatments

  • 3 hr

    450 New Zealand dollars

  • 3 hr

    450 New Zealand dollars

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this treatment?

You are suitable for this treatment as long as you

  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding (if you are breastfeeding we advise you express and dispose of your milk for 24 hours after your treatment)

  • Do not have high/low blood pressure or are on any blood thinning medication (you will be required to provide a letter from your doctor to give you the go ahead for this treatment) 

  • Are not prone to keloid scarring

  • Are not prone to cold sores (if you are prone to cold sores, an antiviral medication prescribed from your doctor must be taken before and after treatment along side a lysine supplement to prevent any breakouts during the healing process)

How can I book?

You can book with Abbey online by clicking the book now button below. If you have any questions about the booking or treatment process, please email or message us on social media.


If you require a late night appointment please get in touch with us via email or social media to discuss further.


Once you have booked online, we will send you an email with your pre appointment care instructions and details about paying your deposit. Your deposit of $100 is required to be paid within 48 hours of booking unless discussed otherwise with Abbey. Once your deposit has been paid, your appointment will be confirmed and you will receive an email confirmation to state this.


Your deposit is deducted from your total amount on the day. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment your deposit will not be refunded, if you wish to rebook you will be required to pay another deposit. If you wish to reschedule, please get in touch with Abbey at least 48 hours before your appointment is due to begin.

What happens during my appointment?

Firstly we start off with a consult where we will have you fill out a digital form, this is to ensure you have no underlying medical issues that may effect this treatment and the healing process. Note this treatment is not to be taken lightly, though we use pigment that is designed to fade over time, this colour can still show in the lips for years to come.


From there we discuss what your concerns and goals are with your lips, if you’re wanting to make any adjustments to your lips (providing this is done within the vermillion border), what shade of colour your wanting to achieve and what technique will best suit your lifestyle and lip goals. All colours are custom mixed for each client to achieve the perfect shade. Please feel free to bring in some photos or swatches of your favourite lippy shade.


Abbey will apply some numbing, this ensures you’re comfortable for the start of the procedure, once this is finished Abbey will begin to map your lips to get the perfect shape for you. Remember that Abbey will stay within the natural border of your lip line as extending this will cause the lips to heal different colours.


Once your mapping is complete, Abbey will give you the chance to look at your shape and approve. After the shape is approved by the client, the treatment begins. You should feel very little discomfort from this treatment as Abbey applies a secondary numbing throughout the treatment.

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