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Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

At Feme Brows our cosmetic tattoo artist Abbey has trained with the award winning Cherie Ayrton from Feather Touch, Lower Hutt in 2020 and has since gone on to do trainings with other well known artists. With a strive for perfection in everything she does, Abbey creates custom eyebrows best suited to your natural face shape, facial features, day to day lifestyle and your eyebrow goals. 


Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing is a two step process, your first cosmetic tattoo session takes around 2 hours 30min and your touch up session will take up to 1 hour 30min.


Your touch up appointment is very important and is required to be completed as a part of your initial tattoo. This second appointment allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your tattoo whether that be adjustment of shape or depth of colour. Touch up appointments are completed 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment and will be booked for you by Abbey after your initial brow tattoo session. The cost of your touch up is an additional $150 and can be paid at the time of second appointment. 


A yearly colour boost is recommended to keep the colour of your brows looking fresh, this can be around 12-18 months or 18-24 months after your touch up session (depending on initial depth of brow colour chosen). We recommend towards the end of this period you have a brow shape and tint done to enhance the fading tattoo as Abbey cannot work over brows that are still saturated in colour and the brows need to have faded enough.

If you have had previous eyebrow tattooing before, please advise in the comments section of the booking page or send Abbey an email to discuss. It’s not recommended to have the brow tattooing treatment repeated within a year of the last treatment.

  • 3 hr

    500 New Zealand dollars
  • 3 hr

    500 New Zealand dollars

Answers to Common Questions


You are suitable for this treatment as long as you

  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding (if you are breastfeeding we advise you express and dispose of your milk for 24 hours after your treatment)

  • Do not have high/low blood pressure or are on any blood thinning medication (you will be required to provide a letter from your doctor to give you the go ahead for this treatment) 

  • Are not prone to keloid scarring


Right here, click the BOOK NOW button below.


You'll be directed to our online booking calendar where you can pick an appointment that best suits you.


Firstly we start off with a consult where we will have you fill out a digital form, this is to ensure you have no underlying medical issues that may effect this treatment and the healing process. Note this treatment is not to be taken lightly, though we use pigment that is designed to fade over time, this colour can still show in the brows for years to come.


From there Abbey will discuss your eyebrow goals with you, any concerns you may have and any adjustments you’d like to make to your natural brows. The technique that is performed on you (ombré, powder, feather touch) will be picked based on your brow goals, lifestyle and skin type and Abbey will inform you of any pros and cons to each technique. Colour is chosen based on your natural hair and skin tone and all colours are custom mixed for each client.


We then begin with a brow map, brow mapping allows Abbey to draw a set of eyebrows on your face taking in to account your natural face shape, facial features and your current eyebrows, no two brows are the same and every client will leave with a different set of brows. Each brow tattoo is completely custom to our clients face shape. Once the mapping process is finished, you will then approve the shape and Abbey will begin the treatment. Please note that Abbey will apply her own anaesthetic throughout the procedure to keep you as pain free as possible as this treatment should not be uncomfortable at all.


Please keep your brows as natural as possible before the treatment, Abbey will shape your brows with wax and tweezing once the mapping process has been completed. 


Abbey will take you through your aftercare process once the treatment is completed. The first 2 weeks are the most vital to ensure the best healed results for your tattoo though these results are ongoing for up to.

Typically around day 2-3 your brows will begin to scab, this will be like flaking skin coming off the brow. Once your brows have completely scabbed over (roughly day 4), you can expect them to look like a solid dark block of colour, this can come as a shock when chunks of this scab begin to flake off as the skin under the brow can look extremely light in colour. This is because the skin underneath is shedding the dead skin cells and can give a frosted effect to the freshly tattooed brow underneath. Once this scabbing phase has completed, you can expect to see full colour results 2-3 weeks after. Don't be concerned about your brows if the colour is very light once healed, this is completely normal. Your 6 week touch up appointment will be booked for you by Abbey after your appointment. Your touch up session is vital for enhancing the initial tattoo. Cosmetic Tattooing is a two step process so your touch up appointment is absolutely necessary to achieve your final result, some clients may need a third touch up appointment to achieve desired results, this is completely normal.

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